Session Details

Your first session will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. During this session you will be asked information regarding your health history and the reason for your visit. For structural issues an assessment will be made by observing your structure in both static and moving postures. Breathing techniques will be slowly blended into simple movements to support your structure, build strength and improve motor function as indicated.

In regard to physiological conditions you will learn to blend specific movements and breathing techniques to help boost the immune system and to reduce internal inflammation.

Methodology and strategies will be developed along with relaxation techniques helping to improve your relationship to your condition, reduce stress and balance the nervous system. Daily practices of incorporating appropriate movement, breath-work, meditation and visualization will assist in lifting and/or leveling mood.

To support your goals a carefully designed home practice routine will be provided. Over the course of several visits your home practice will be refined as your wellness improves. Follow up sessions will last 1 hour. The goal is to improve function, reduce suffering at all levels and to develop positive life-style habits.