Yoga Therapy

Health care providers are referring their clients to yoga and meditation classes in order to address health challenges in record numbers; however, most yoga classes are not appropriate or safe for these specialized populations.  Therapeutic yoga is not just another “style” of yoga – it an approach to health and healing that skillfully blends the ancient teachings of Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda with the wisdom embodied in much of today’s medical knowledge.  It is intended to empower each person facing challenge in their lives (physical and emotional); providing them with individualized programs that support increased function, ease and joyfulness.

Yoga Therapy may be helpful with: Low back pain, Joint replacements, Chronic pain, Neurological conditions (stroke, MS, traumatic brain injury, etc.). Physiological conditions (high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc.). Anxiety, Depression & Stress.

Full Spectrum of Yoga Teachings
Asanas or yoga postures are important but address only one aspect of personal practice. Viniyoga teachers and yoga therapists incorporate other dimensions of teaching and practice, including pranayama, bandha, sound, chanting, meditation, personal ritual and study of texts as appropriate to the group or individual.